Elevate Yourself

At Capranea, we believe in elevating the alpine experience.

Longing for more than just a line in the snow, the Alpine Spirit drives us to create, inspired by the power and possibilities of the mountains that move us.

High in the Swiss Alps, along the snow line and above the alpine forests, you might catch a glimpse of the Capra ibex.

It cuts a clear and mesmerising image – perfectly balanced, powerful, completely at ease in the mountains. From its position, the ibex has a unique vision: seeing journeys across the sheer and snowy cliffs that others can't.

When Founder Marc Haensli created Capranea, he had a similar vision: to create a brand that would progress skiwear to new heights of performance and elegance – authentically, with meaning.

Determined to free skiers from compromise and cliché, Marc had a vision of premium ski and leisure wear that was refreshing, refined and unafraid to forge a path less travelled.

It's a vision we take into everything we craft, because life isn't about impressing others, it’s about elevating yourself, and you’ll do it in Capranea.

Beautiful yet rugged, the snow-capped peaks are like no other place on earth. In the shadow of the ridge or high amongst the clouds, we feel a sense of well-being, of purpose and vitality. The alpine air clarifies your perspective, the landscape inspires and mesmerises.

But the Alpine Spirit is not just feeling the power of the mountains. The Alpine Spirit is understanding it, longing for it, and carrying that feeling with you, wherever you travel.

You know it when you feel it. The formidable strength of the mountains humbles you.

You dream of snowstorms more than the sunshine. You long to experience the full force of wild nature. You know how it feels to be really living.

You find stillness in the snow wherever it finds you: on a quiet neighbourhood night or bustling city streets. And when you feel it, you dream of being back in the mountains, free and unafraid, drawing your first lines in the breaking dawn.

The Alpine Spirit may be born in the mountains, but it lives wherever you take it.

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