Born in the Swiss Alps
Capranea was born in the mountains of Graubünden, home to the majestic ibex (lat. Capra ibex). Light-footed, agile and self-confident, the ibex is found in small herds and is constantly on the move. Anyone who experiences its alpine mastery is also fascinated by its elegance and beauty.
Capranea harnesses this inspiration to create products with an exciting interplay of technical superiority and design, nuanced by color and fabric mixing that defines who we are. This allows you to seamlessly transition from the Alps to the streets in style.

Experience function without seeing it is foundational to our design DNA at Capranea. Blending Urban lifestyle with fabric innovation creates a sophisticated and technical experience that our customers have come to expect from us. Capranea is often the brand of choice by our fabric suppliers to debut a new technology into the market; a testament to the persistent research drive of Capranea.

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