Choosing a product by CAPRANEA means making no compromises. All materials and components have been carefully selected to provide maximum functionality and comfort.

The materials used are exceptionally lightweight and soft. Particular attention is paid to freedom of movement. Full-way stretch or free move cut is used in all the layers: the outer materials, padding, inner lining and down bags.


Moessmer is the creative partner and supplier to premium fashion labels and implements customised solutions for them. Top brands
trust in the expertise of Moessmer. So do we. The Moessmer Tuchfabrik AG is one of the few textile companies today that still manufactures in fully integrated production – from wool to high-quality fabrics.

Capranea goes one step further. By following a complex process, we laminate the exclusive and high quality fabric with a thin membrane on the inside. This prevents wind and water from getting in. The surface of the fabric is treated with a water-repellent finish, made in Austria. Thus, maximum protection from wind and rain can be guaranteed. Unique, innovative. And this year it comes in two different qualities.


Down is extremely warm and light, making it a popular and natural insulating material. Capranea takes advantage of these properties and makes a point of packing in these fine feathers. To avoid the fluffy down becoming hard, the feathers are integrated into high-tech down bags within the individual down chambers.

A new milestone in the development of down jackets are the newly created stretchable Down-Bags. 100% Down proof for 100% Free Move. The final GO for a new generation of high performance ski down jackets developed by Capranea. So, the elastic Down-Bags combined with a seamless Bonded Down Bag construction creates the basis for so far unattained comfort.


A groundbreaking, new coloring process by Schoeller Textil AG provides fascinating color schemes. A completely new, ecological coloring process results in coincidental fabric designs which make each garment unique. Each meter of this special colored fabric arises by chance, is unique in style and cannot be replicated. Just the right thing for our One of a kind line that celebrates the interplay of colors.

In addition to our unique color shading, our One-Of-A-Kind line also offers quite a lot on the functional side – made in Switzerland.

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