Feel the function without seeing it – that is the basis on which Capranea redefines skiwear. “Urban lifestyle” is combined with technically functional materials. Many of these fabrics and products are being used for the first time in their field; an expression of the persistent research drive of Capranea.

The harmoniously incorporated use of leather or tweed emphasizes its high quality and lends Capranea a characteristic look. An exciting interplay of contours and structure, nuanced by color input somewhere between restrained urban and strikingly sporty.


All Capranea models originate in Switzerland. From the design to the digital cutting data through to the finished prototype, Capranea develops its products here. The entire material acquisition is also fully controlled from Switzerland. A relationship based on partnership with its 20 or so suppliers, enabling special developments and modifications of a good 40 components. This ultimately results in a unique product made of 300 constituent parts.

The production is largely carried out by hand in Portugal. The geographical as well as cultural proximity to our producers is a major advantage for development, reaction rate and not least quality. Our largest partner, the company PETRATEX is one of the best and most innovative manufacturers of functional textiles in Europe. Thanks to our development and the intensive and close cooperation with PETRATEX, over time we were able to take our products to an unprecedented Level.


Traces are reminders of what we have experienced. We pursue our passion with confidence and leave traces in surroundings in which sustainability is of prime importance. We structure and develop our vision in harmony with sport and nature, as an expression of our conviction. What we do shows who we are.


Capranea is a product from the mountains of Grau­bünden where the ibex (lat. Capra ibex) lives. He reigns supreme across the forest border and treads his own path. Light-footed, agile and self-confident, he is found in small herds and is constantly on the move. Anyone who comes across him is fascinated by his elegance and Beauty.

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