ART. N. 162301

349,00 CHF

1/1 Zipper; handwarmer pockets; tweed application TECNOSTRETCH by PONTETORTO ITALY Pontetorto Technostrech, is ideal for base and midlayering. Technostrech advanced fabric gives a body hugging fit, but with freedom in movement. The component yarns, make the face durable, whilst the polyester reverse has both insulation and wicking properties. TECNOWOOL by PONTETORTO ITALY Performance meets nature in a sustainable way! Tecnowool products from Pontetorto combine the natural advantages of wool with the functional properties of synthetic fibers. But that is not all! Tecnowool is a truly „green“ product: The processed high grade wool is namely 100% recycled, chlorine-free, and contributes an extremely small carbon footprint for a sustainable environment.


TECHNOSTRETCH by PONTETORTO; 213g; 88% polyester; 12% Elastan TECHNOWOOL by PONTETORTO; 344g; 49% polyester; 14% Nylon; 37% Lana Wool 2nd shell: TAMURAKOMA, 100% polyester ribstop 3rd shell: exklusive Tweed Wool by Moessmer Italy, refined in Austria


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